Meals served on low-cost airlines

Meals served on low-cost airlines

Once a month I fly to my home country, visiting my beloved son. Right this second, when I am writing these words, I am on a plane, and once again I nonsensically browse the menu. Not sure, why I’m still calling it a menu, maybe I’m trying to fool myself. There is nothing on the list deserves to be called a dish. Usually, I try to care and mind what I am eating. I do the same when I am travelling. Of course, I am not able to cook anything myself when I am travelling, and it’s quite a challenge to select anything that could meet my expectations. And I’m not trying to be picky, and I don’t look for a fancy meal here. What I mean is simply something natural, fresh, or containing vegetables. And the meals served on low-cost airlines… ooh, it causes head-ache what I think of consuming anything there.

The menu of low-cost airlines is usually based on sandwiches. Such sandwiches are typically made of toasts or ciabatta. At first glimpse, their bread seems suspicious already. Let’s not delude ourselves. These are the products which contain lots of additives, and that’s the reason they look fresh, but in fairness, this doesn’t improve the quality. I promise that one day I will write how to distinguish between these types of bread. Other items on the menu include ready-made dishes with rice, such as curry, also of doubtful quality. If you are lucky, you can come across a lasagne, French fries or a burger with one slice meat (as they call it), and nothing more. To top it all off, all of them are microwaved. But OK, let’s not expect to have a full kitchen on a plane.

If you are not into hot specials, you keep searching. Further selection can only be made from among snacks, chips and chocolate bars. This is not what you can call a nourishing food. If you care about your looks and health, it is better you eat before you get on a plane. According to my observations, the world is heading to conscientious attitude towards food. There is a growing number of people who are aware of what they are eating, what is the influence of food on the style and quality of life, not to mention the health.

My dear airlines, don’t you think it is high time you think about something that could satisfy us all? Think, what a wonderful advertisement it could be? Don’t you want to boast about with the care and concern about your passengers?  The profit would most probably add impetus on its own. To achieve this, you don’t need much. Banana, an apple or a pack of carrots, maybe? All you would have to do is to make a simple addition to your menu. I am convinced that it’s not a big issue. Meals in low-cost airlines really don’t have to be dull.

Thumbs up, who would be tempted to eat a fresh apple, pear, banana or grapes on a plane? Many people travel with children. For those, the choice is really tough, if you have only two options to choose from. One is to feed your child with chemical food, and the other is to let the child starve.  A simple addition of fresh fruit that doesn’t leave a great mess on a plane would make a huge difference. Not only for stomachs but also for the hearts of the passengers. Is this really so difficult? Be the airline which makes that move of introducing healthier foods. I’m sure you will win the enormous sympathy of your travellers. I am wondering, which of the low-cost airlines is going to launch this idea first?