Tartar sauce

Tatar sauce is a great addition, a sauce used mainly for deep-fried seafood. Especially during the summer. The most popular dish on the Wild Atlantic Way served with tartar sauce is fish and chips. Make sure to take a bite.

Tartar sauce is a sauce based on mayonnaise, thanks to which you can prepare it very quickly and efficiently. At the same time, you do not need to have any unique culinary skills. See for yourself!

You will need

  • Small bowl
  • Wire whisk


Serves 4
  • 200 g (7 oz) mayonnaise
  • 3 tbsp of capers, finely chopped
  • 3 tbsp of gherkins, finely chopped
  • 1 tbsp of lemon juice
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • Salt

Preparation Method

15 minutes
  1. In a small bowl, mix mayonnaise, capers, gherkins. Stir in lemon juice and season to taste with salt and pepper.
  2. Transfer to an airtight container and keep in the refrigerator up to 3 days.

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